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Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

A Look to Impress

Your guests or customers see the exterior of your house or office as soon as they arrive. Why not make the best impression possible? Exterior painting is a great way to see a solid return on the most important investment you’ve made.

You Understand the challenge

Bad weather, exhaust from cars and trucks, mold, and industrial pollutants all contribute to the deterioration of your property’s exterior. Underneath all of that grime and wear is a surface just waiting for you to show it off. You know it’s there. Fresh Coat of Waltham can help you find it. But painting an exterior can be dangerous when you lack experience or access to the right safety equipment and tools. And without that experience, it can be incredibly time-consuming. That’s why it’s important to trust the professionals from Fresh Coat. We’ve mastered the techniques that will revitalize the outside of your home or office.

Why is Fresh Coat of Waltham the Best Choice for Exterior Painting?

  • We can handle any exterior:
    • Aluminum and vinyl siding
    • Brick and stucco walls
    • Wood siding and trim
  • Affordable pricing - we accept all major credit cards
  • Our painters are bonded and insured
  • We use quality Sherwin-Williams products

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